Athlete of the Month


January 2017 – Devon McGloin

dev mom

Devon was introduced to CrossFit by his mother, Doreen. Since she is a pretty big badass herself we knew Devon would be alright with us. He came in as a quiet kid who always listened to the coaches and had the aptitude to learn. Devon’s body was in shock when he deterred from his normal back and bicep routine and began training for intensity. But once Devon saw his mother lift more weight than him, he knew he couldn’t let that happen for much longer. That was the true jumpstart to Devon’s CrossFit journey. Devon takes the time to ask questions, works on his weaknesses before class and he stays after to get some extra work in. He is determined to not only understand the different elements of CrossFit but he continues to improve while having fun. As the CrossFit world is continuing to emerge, Devon is ready for the challenge and is always a disciplined and respectful athlete to have in class. Since he joined last April he was not able to experience the CrossFit Opens but we look forward to seeing him crush the WODS this year. Until then, we will make sure Doreen is feeding him enough so he can stay on track! :)

October & November: Whitney & Joe


We all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and who else was a bigger inspiration to our community than Whitney. For those who don’t know, Whitney is a five-time Breast Cancer survivor who was first diagnosed at the age of 20. Throughout her fight, Whitney has been on a physical and expressive roller coaster of emotions, but above all, she has been inspired to create awareness and find a niche where she can truly make a difference. With the help of others Whitney created Inked and Pink, an organization that helps raise awareness for not only breast cancer but the everyday struggle a female who must undergo a mastectomy should bare. Inked and Pink helps raise funds to help alleviate the financial burden of medical bills for individuals fighting cancer. It also supports women who undergo cosmetic procedures to help them cope, get their livelihood back and feel beautiful again. Whitney may be reserved at times but don’t let that fool you. She is a great athlete with a strong mind and has probably one of the biggest hearts we know. Whitney is a true inspiration and someone who has fought by her side the last few years is her boyfriend, Joe.


fenwayJoe is our athlete of the month for November because he is also a fighter, not just for Whitney but for all of those in the community without a voice. Joe continues to help Whitney create awareness and always helps others around him. I guess what they say is true, “once a coach, always a coach”. Although Joe doesn’t lead any classes at RICF he is a pool of knowledge and is always willing to assist in class and help others. He has solid technique, good stamina and if he can keep those knees healthy he’ll continue to be someone fun to watch during the 2017 Opens.

Joe & Whitney are clearly one of the fittest couples we have at RICF and they are both truly an inspiration to us in so many ways. We look forward to working out, continuing to be inspired and of course Bumper looks forward to seeing his best buddies as much as he can. Congrats on all your successes thus far and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for you both as individuals and for the Inked and Pinked organization.

September 2016: Mackenzie Piasczyke


spidermanMackenzie is not just your average twelve year old girl. While she might appear that way, her peers in the Red Island CrossFit Junior Reds program can tell you otherwise. Mack joined the program just a few short months ago as one of our first junior members after being brought in by her good friend and fellow Junior Red, Laura. Although she was shy at first, she soon opened right up and began asking every question she could about the daily skills, workouts and games; soaking up all kinds of information. She has excelled in learning the basics of Olympic lifting and has shown some great gains in her strength. She surprised herself just a couple of weeks ago by learning the power snatch, and quickly found herself able to successfully execute a 35 pound lift. As if that wasn’t enough, Mackenzie also deadlifted close to her own body weight with great technique. Formerly a competitive dancer, Mackenzie is a natural at almost anything we have thrown at her here in the gym and is always looking for ways to push herself and her peers to work hard. We look forward to watching Mackenzie continue to make strides and grow within our Red community.

August 2016: The Jacavone Family

austenfam2Vin and Joy came to us at the beginning of the year looking for a gym routine they could do together. In the beginning they were concerned their muscles and joints wouldn’t be able to handle the workload due to sore knees and arthritis, but little did they know CrossFit would change their mindset and lifestyle. After about a month of classes the CrossFit Opens came around and due to the amount of peer pressure they may or may not have received they signed up. At our first Friday Night Lights everyone showed Vin and Joy such great support. After the WOD I was explaining the Opens and how the upcoming four weeks we would have the same great energy. Vinny looked at me mortified and said “wait, this is five weeks? I agreed because I thought it was only one workout.” We all know the great sport Vin is, so we laughed it off and they quickly became a part of the RICF Family. Vin and Joy have become staples in the 4:30pm class and their energy and positive attitudes is infectious! As if these two aren’t enough, we had the pleasure of meeting and prepping their son Austen for boot camp. Obviously, they did something right raising this kid because he was polite, worked hard and was always thankful to those who spent a little extra time with him. Austen recently sent us a letter from boot camp and if you haven’t had a chance to read it, do yourself a favor and take five minutes before or after class this week (it’s posted on the welcome board). We are amazed at The Jacavone’s work ethic, positive energy and selfless gestures. They are a great family with a solid foundation and we cannot thank them enough for believing is us when they had their doubts. You all represent Red Island CrossFit with such grace and we look forward to continuing this journey together!

July 2016: Max Marchetti

Max Thruster Max KegMax came to us during his junior year in high school to assist in his strength and conditioning for hockey. Although Max is known to be quiet he always asks questions and stays engaged throughout class. Since he first started he has grown leaps and bounds as an athlete. Max signed up for our Jack and Jill Competition and once his partner had to back out he agreed to compete with someone he had never worked out with before. Needless to say, the competition went well and Max pushed himself past his comfort zone and found a new love for the sport of fitness. Shortly after that, Max signed up for The Opens and pushed himself to do as many RX WODS his body could handle and he definitely made us all proud! We all know muscle ups are not an easy skill, but with a little discipline Max was able to get his first MU about a month ago. As if that wasn’t a good enough victory, he decided to compete last weekend in his second competition where he demonstrated his dedication to RICF. As the summer comes to an end Max will be heading off to college. Although we won’t be able to see him every day we hope he continues his CrossFit journey and we’ll be excited to have him back during his school breaks. Best of luck Max! Once a Red, always a Red!

June 2016: Tiffanie Reilly

Funny TankTIFF 2 Tiffanie purchased a Groupon for RICF a couple months before she actually pulled the trigger. Although her mom was a member and told her how great the community was Tiffanie was nervous about actually starting her on-ramp classes. As we all know, CrossFit can look intimidating for an outsider, but once you get started it’s a crawl, walk, run approach that always makes you think “ I wish I started sooner!” Tiffanie’s first CrossFit experience was actually one of RICF’s WOD & Wine nights. She came as her mom’s guest, full of nerves but anxious to try it out. Granted, she happened to rep more wine glasses than burpees her first class we knew she’d fit in just fine. Shortly after she tackled her on-ramp sessions and began taking classes. Although Tiffanie is one of our “quiet” ones, don’t let her fool you. She is motivated, dedicated and takes multiple classes a day when her schedule allows it. Tiffanie who struggled with “breaking parallel” her first few weeks practically matched her old front squat 1RM when she hit it for 3 reps yesterday with an exceptional range of motion. Tiffanie once feared box jumps, but you’d never know it as you watch her rep out 50+ box jumps in any given WOD. She is always down for  hero/partner or team workout and never complains. Tiffanie is a fighter, a cheerleader to others and her biggest competition is her notebook. What we love about Tiffanie is the same thing we love about her mom. Like traditional CrossFitters, they write every strength number and WOD in their notebooks so they can truly measure their progress. Tiffanie, we’re so glad you gave Red Island a chance (even if we had to bribe you with a couple drinks in the end), you’re a great addition to our family and we look forward to celebrating your future successes!

May 2016: Ryan Gulla


Ryan came to us in February as he entered his first year of PA School at Bryant University. He was reserved while getting accustomed to a new box, a new community and figuring out how to balance both school and CrossFit. Shortly after The Opens Ryan found his rhythm and routine and has become the “one to chase”. Ryan is always down to hit the class WODS and add a little extra workload to his plate. He has a great spirit and is constantly helping other members whether it is cheering them on or providing tips to help with their efficiency. Ryan loves CF so much that he wakes up every Saturday and drives almost an hour to indulge in our partner WODS. Even if he is late every week and misses the warmup we admire his dedication. Ryan is a disciplined athlete and student and we are happy he is a part of the RICF Family!


   <—-   #YOTB

April 2016: Lindsay Morrison


After running into Lindsay at a friend’s wedding shower, I somehow convinced her to try a CrossFit class. Although she was quiet and timid at first she walked in already rocking some Reebok CrossFit gear and played the part. A couple one on ones and classes later she was hooked! Lindsay began CrossFit the same time she accepted a new job and found making classes was going to be harder than she thought. Although she took a hiatus from her training last Fall she came back more motivated and confident than ever. Lindsay not only takes regular classes but she makes the time to hit Yoga, Olympic lifting, Competitors and additional strength sessions. She is slowly investing in all the “gear” and her endless gains are beginning to take up the PR board. When Lindsay isn’t in the gym she’s selling radio spots for Cat Country 98.1 . In the after hours you can find her eating donuts, singing Karaoke or watching the YoutTube CrossFit Channel as she “tries” to fall asleep. Lindsay has an infectious energy, the will to learn and drive to succeed. She is a socialite and always has a smile on her face (unless she’s getting ready for an Open WOD then she is sits in the corner and barely speaks). I guarantee if you have taken classes with Lindsay you have felt her energy lift up the room when sometimes getting motivated to move is the hardest part of the day. She is an amazing member of the Red Island Community and we look forward to seeing her make some more serious “gainz” in the next few months!


February & March 2016: Our Red Community

OPEns In case you’ve been wondering where your athletes of the month have been for February and March just look around. Between our 3rd Annual Jack & Jill Throwdown and The 2016 Opens it was too difficult to choose one person.  Each and every single one of you have showcased valuable characteristics that are worthy of recognition.

From those who competed for the first time to our athletes a little more seasoned, you are all an inspiration. Athletes are a huge part in making a competition successful, but our volunteers and judges are the glue that holds the event together. The Opens was an unbelievable demonstration of heart and perseverance and everyone should be extremely proud of their efforts.

As a box owner, we take nothing for granted. You dedicate one hour a day to us with a positive attitude and we will surely invest all we have in you. Greg Glassman once said you can measure your success on how many people hang around after class. I think it is without a doubt we can call ourselves successful and for that we thank you. We know anyone can open a gym and “encourage” their members but it takes athletes who are ready to make a change, passionate coaches to educate them and seasoned athletes to inspire newcomers. In the end, it takes a village to build a community and I think we can all agree, when it’s done right it can be a pretty powerful thing.

As memorable moments pass, let us grow and move forward to the next challenge, the next competition and attack that next PR! I know we all have a lot of pages in our books that we still need to write so let’s hit the mats together and make it happen!



January 2016: Rochelle Rhodes

Rochlle Rochelle happened to stumble across our RICF tent during Opening Day for Smithfield Youth Soccer a couple years ago. Their family was friendly and polite enough to listen to our “why you should try CrossFit” pitch. Her husband guessed the weight of the atlas stone and took home a Red Island T-shirt. It wasn’t before long both Rochelle and her husband came back through the doors of Red Island CrossFit to start classes. Rochelle is a Dentist, wife, mother of two and participates with Give Kids a Smile at Samuels Dental, and the Rhode Island Mission of Mercy free dental clinic. Rochelle, or should I say, Dr. Rhodes understands how important fitness is so she always finds time to squeeze it in. Rochelle has become an avid 5:30AMer, with the exception of Wednesdays where she sleeps in on her day off and joins the 9AM class. She is always on time, arrives with a smile and is excited to put the work in. She has come a long way since she first started at RICF and has really stepped up her game in the New Year. Rochelle began the Lurong Challenge to help both educate and challenge herself. She is working hard to RX her workouts and feels she has more energy throughout the day which helps her keep up with her children after work. Rochelle is a great person, a dedicated athlete and we are excited to watch her reach her goals in 2016.









December 2015: Taylor Tibbetts

Taylor musclesquat

Taylor is one of the youngest in the Red Island Family, but don’t let that fool you. This seventeen year old is extremely hard working, dedicated and has been able to RX a number of WODS  her first month at RICF. Taylor is currently a senior at Smithfield High School and as she gets ready to leave high school sports behind her, she is excited to see what else CrossFit has to offer. Taylor competed in her first competition this past October and has since then set new goals and signed up for two more. Although Taylor was a bit quiet at first, she has truly come into her own as a CrossFit athlete and she is a pleasure to have in class. She always listens to her coaches, accepts constructive criticism and is always looking to improve. She will be missed when she ships off to college, but we are excited to continue to watch her grow throughout 2016. Awesome work Taylor, you are truly an inspiration.








November 2015: Karen Cabral

Bathing Suit

karen sweatshirt Karen Cabral is a woman who is not afraid to try new things. She enjoys a challenge and always has a smile on her face. Since Karen started CrossFit she has not only lost weight, but she challenged herself by competing in a fitness competition this past month. Karen quit drinking, revamped her diet, did some sculpting classes and still found time to make it to RICF. We knew this was an important goal for Karen to meet so we scaled workloads for her during the process because she wanted to continue to be present in the RICF community. As you can see in the picture to the left Karen exceeded her own expectations and walked across that stage with pride. You can usually find Karen in the 4:30pm class and she’ll most likely greet you with a “hey hun”. She is one of the nicest members you’ll meet and we are so proud of everything she has accomplished since she began her journey with us almost two years ago.







October 2015: Lindsey Matchett

linds shoulder linds snorkel


Lindsey saw the sign on our building while she was taking her daughter to softball practice across the street. She was tempted to try it, but being the mother of three she put herself behind the needs of her family. After a month Lindsey stumbled upon an RICF Groupon and figured she had to “try it out”. Lindsey’s first class had box jumps and about halfway through her workout she managed to take a gash out of her shins. Lindsey finished the workout and walked out the doors. After that, we thought for sure she was a goner. Little did we know how much of a fighter our new member was. Lindsey came back almost every day until her Groupon ended and then signed up for an unlimited membership. Lindsey has been CrossFitting with us now for about two years and continues to test her limits. Lindsey has undergone two surgeries, but being a nurse herself and also a bit stubborn at times she always found time to get a workout in. Lindsey has taken the podium in several competitions and continues to be one of the strongest females in the gym. Lindsey is extremely disciplined and can sometimes be hard on herself, but we always say enjoy the process because all those “bad days” will be appreciated when you have your good days. Lindsey, you have been one of our core members from the start, you have an amazing heart full of love for both fitness and your RICF community. We thank you for always seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with us and continuing to be an inspiration to not only our members but those you are lucky enough to cross paths with.






September 2015: Jim Dube 

jim front

Jim Dube has always found ways to challenge himself mentally and physically throughout his life. He is an avid rock climber, a strong runner and takes part in some fierce Ninja Warrior training. Jim signed up for CrossFit to test his athletic ability and try something new. After a few classes he said “I could rock climb all day but this just kicks my ass so I know I need to continue”. Since then, Jim has maintained steady attendance when he’s not busy traveling outside the U.S. and has made some incredible gains within the sport. He took part in the 2015 Opens and even competed in his first competition this past weekend. Jim is a stand up guy who is always willing to listen, help and contribute to the community in any way possible. If Jim continues his training he will definitely surprise himself in the Masters Division of the 2016 Opens. Thank you for allowing us to push you each week and we are proud you chose RICF as your fitness community!









August 2015: Stacey Schwartz    

marathon  squatPP

 When Stacey first heard about CrossFit, she thought it was “crazy”. After convincing her to try out a free class she amazed herself when she threw up a #95 Atlas Stone. It wasn’t before long she started her membership and became one of our core members. Over the past two years Stacey has challenged herself both mentally and physically inside and outside the box. Stacey went from an occasional run or 20 minutes on the elliptical to Tough Mudders, CrossFit Competitions and she even found time to train for a marathon. Stacey takes her training seriously and follows the traditional 3 days on 1 day off schedule. She makes time to meet with her coaches outside of class to critique her form and skill set. Although our male members will sometimes tease Stacey about her “biceps” she has raw strength and power and will most likely out-bench them soon. Not only is Stacey a hard working athlete, she is extremely reliable and always ready to celebrate a birthday, competition or fundraiser to support her Red Community.  Stacey, you have done an amazing job at RICF and we look forward to watching you grow.




July 2015: Matthew Pitta


Matt Pitta was dragged into RICF two years ago by his girlfriend (now Fiancé), Amanda. They started CrossFit to support their friend’s new business and it quickly became a huge part of their life. When Matt first started at RICF he was a man of few words. Matt was reserved, eager to learn and always held himself accountable for every rep.

Over time Matt has definitely emerged from his shell,  graced the classes with his dry sense of humor and has proven himself to be a great athlete. You can usually find Matt strolling into the 6:30PM class rocking a headband and an elbow sleeve. Although Matt embraces CrossFit, you may also find him with Emerson hitting bro sessions on the regular and nine times out of ten, he WILL be benching. Once you get to know Matt, he will most likely come up with a nickname for you, it sometimes doesn’t make sense, but because Matt is truly a class act, no one seems to mind.

Matt BroMatt is funny, dedicated and honest,  but most importantly, he exemplifies the true meaning of sportsmanship. Whether he finishes first or last in a WOD he is always proud to workout next to whoever is in his class. He is known to take time out of his warm-up regimen to provide cues to help other athletes. More recently Matt has enhanced his training as he is part of the developmental team for the Providence Villains grid league. This past weekend at the Grid Invitational Matt donated his team to help the coaching staff with logistics and organization for each day. Matt is a stand up guy and we are extremely proud he represents RICF. Matt ties the knot in less than a month and we know he will be nothing short of an amazing husband. Thank you for all your dedication to the RICF community, we are lucky to have you!









June 2015: Carlos Casanova

carlos box Carlos has been part of the RICF community for a little over a year now. He manages to wake up regularly to hit the early AM classes even though he doesn’t have to rush into an office afterwards. Some say he’s crazy, but as we say “he’s just drinking the Kool-Aid”. Carlos has always had a great passion for soccer, as both an athlete and a coach. He gave CrossFit a try not realizing how much it was going to push him both physically and mentally. Carlos competed in his first competition a couple months ago and made RICF proud. This past weekend we had a team ready to compete when one athlete had to drop out because of an illness. When Carlos was asked to help out, without a second thought he said yes and drove right to the box to train.

carlos team

For those who know Carlos, know his casual stroll into the box as he whines about the WOD on the board. Others would probably think he’s running for  mayor, the way he socializes and greets new athletes. But nonetheless, you’ll always see him leaving RICF with a smile on his face (and sometimes a towel on his head). He is a great spirit, a positive athlete and he truly embodies the definition of community. You are a stand up guy Carlos and we thank you for being part of the family!








April & May 2015: Natalia Zabatta & Patrick Downes


Nat.PatNatalia has been CrossFitting on and off for about 3 years and has tried several different boxes. Unsure of her direction in the CF world she began to embrace her new home at RICF. Natalia began Coach Todd’s strength program and quickly started PRing; making herself one of the strongest females in the box. She signed up for the 2015 Opens and strategically worked on her gymnastic skills which helped her not only complete the Opens but finish as one of the top females. Natalia or “Turtle Tal” signed up for her first RX competition and not only surprised herself throughout the day on each WOD, but even made the finals to finish in fourth place. She fought through Nancy, Diane and numerous other WODS while finding herself as a competitive athlete. She has become a true contender, a spirited athlete and someone who has gained  a lot of respect within our community.

Patrick is our ONLY original member. He began CrossFit with Red Island CrossFit when we opened our doors in July of 2013. Pat came to us after having knee surgery where he worked with our coaching staff to scale the WODS accordingly as he rehabbed his knee back to health. Pat was criticized (only lovingly of course) for “not breaking parallel” or “not locking out his arms” on particular movements, but always showed up and gave his all in class. Pat not only became stronger over time, but he became the “one to chase” during WODS. No matter how light or difficult the workout is Pat is always ready to tackle it head on and support others around him. Although Pat is known to have a sweet tooth, it doesn’t stop him from being a true “firebreather”! He is competitive, humble and a true class act.

pat good


   Pat & Tal are house hunting and planning a wedding, but somehow they always find time to hit the gym, sometimes even twice to day! We value this power couple as both athletes and friends and we look forward to them continuing their CrossFit journey with us. Awesome job guys, you are true role models in the RICF Community.








March 2015: Tiffany Williams



Tiffany came to RICF a little over a year ago and although she didn’t know much about CrossFit, she knew she was fully committed. CrossFit was not easy for her and she was always nervous that if she added weight to the bar she wouldn’t be able to get through the WOD. Tiffany has transformed this past year both physically and mentally. When a coach pushes her to load the bar she smiles and gracefully accepts the challenge. Tiffany has taken a special interest in the Olympic lifts and tries to never miss an OLY class. Due to her dedication to OLY she is known to have some of the best form in the box. Tiffany  surprised herself several times in the 2015 Opens season and she still continues to work hard and motivate others. For those who know Tiffany, knows she has the “gift of gab” and is always willing to listen, engage and support the Red community and as Daniel Tosh would say,    “for that we thank you!” CrossFit is still a challenge for Tiffany, but she is ready to tackle her first CrossFit competition this June. Keep on keeping on girl, you’re doing great!









February 2015: Lucas Simmons


image3Staff Sgt. Lucas Simmons currently serves in the 1/182 Infantry Division in the United States Army. Lucas is an Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom War Veteran. To summarize Lucas in one word would most definitely be a fighter. He has not only sacrificed his life for our country, he is a union carpenter and great friend to us at Red Island CrossFit. Lucas has continuously put his workouts aside to help us better the quality of our box. From the beginning, he built us lockers and an incredible set of jerk blocks. For those who have been around this past year know our transition from moving from one building to another was far from seamless, but we can honestly say it would have never been possible without Lucas’s dedication to this community. Two weeks ago, Lucas put in long days to help us finish our new WOD room the night before our Jack & Jill Competition. Not only did he donate all his time beforehand, he even volunteered the day of the event. What’s next for Lucas you might ask? He is currently  hitting the ground running with the 2015 Opens and he has even signed up for a partner competition this Spring. Lucas, we appreciate all you do for both our country and our community. These two words will never seem like enough, but from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.





January 2015:  Kathie Corrigan


sled kathieKathie has always been active in the community. Whether she was taking boot camp classes, running road races or challenging herself in an obstacle course race, she has always been committed to achieving  her goals. Kathie walked through the doors of RICF after having knee surgery hoping to find a fitness regimen that would build her strength and allow her to maintain her cardiovascular output. What she found was much more than just a physical push.  Kathie dove into classes head first and truly embraced the integrity and community aspects of CrossFit. She competed in her first CrossFit competition this past year and is always working hard to improve. After CrossFitting for over a year Kathie had to undergo another smaller surgery on her knee. Although it was pretty upsetting news Kathie knew she had the support of her RICF family. Her good spirits and strong work ethic allowed her to rehab her knee back to health through the scalability of CrossFit. Kathie not only takes classes, but she has  been following a thorough strength program built by Coach Todd where she has surpassed her old PR’s! Kathie is one of a kind and we are happy she’s part of our RICF family.  Keep going strong in the New Year Kathie, the sky is the limit!



December 2014: Michael Tavares

mike partyMike Rich




Michael “Froning” Tavares truly demonstrates the spirit of CrossFit. He is energetic, humble  and always willing to help a fellow Red. Mike has been CrossFitting for more than two years and has never turned down a good deal at Reebok. Although he had to hide his purchases from his girlfriend because he was told he spent too much money on CrossFit apparel; he also managed to buy her a ring. Of course Lisa said yes to our mini Froning so unfortunately ladies, he’s officially off the market. Mike is currently training for the 2nd Annual Jack & Jill Throwdown so you will most likely find him in the box “bro-scienced” out  and breathing heavily with his new training mask. Thanks for being part of our community Mike and we hope 2015 is your best year yet!





November 2014: Elizabeth Baisley

ropeROW Elizabeth started CrossFit only nine months ago, but watching her WOD you’d never know it. Lizzie is one of our most improved athletes and over such a short period of time. She is  extremely disciplined both in and outside of the box. This full time working mother of two always finds time to get her workouts in. Elizabeth has competed in numerous competitions and is constantly striving to better herself. Lizzie truly listens to her coaches and is always ready to perform. Thanks for believing  in your coaches, we can’t wait to see what 1 year brings!












October 2014: Cayla Simmons


Before & Now

When Cayla Simmons walked through the doors of Red Island CrossFit she had no idea how her life was going to change. Cayla was a bit timid at first, but listened well and pushed through her first class with Coach’s Todd & Jess. Although Cayla couldn’t be convinced to sign up on the spot, it took her less than a week to email us back saying she wanted to join unlimited. Cayla has been CrossFitting now for a year and a half and has lost more than 25 pounds! She has competed in multiple scaled competitions where she has challenged herself both physically and mentally. The girl who joined CrossFit just to “get in shape” had officially as us CrossFitters say “drank the cool-aid”. Cayla earned her CF L1 certification this summer and is continuing to encourage other athletes around her. Cayla has found a community at RICF, passion for the  sport of CrossFit and a stronger sense of self. Kudos to you Cayla and congratulations on all your hard work!