Meet The Coaches

Jessica Teixeira – Owner/Coach


  • CF L2 Trainer
  • CF Gymnastics

MEJessica Teixeira is a New England Native who grew up playing sports and vacationing in Maine. While spending her summers in Maine, she quickly grew to love the outdoors. Jessica is never afraid to try something new, from kayaking and canoeing to hiking and water skiing. Throughout her childhood and high school, she competed in soccer, softball, field hockey, and track & field. As competitive as Jessica may be, team sports have always been her passion because she values a sense of community. She participates in community events, road races, and obstacle course challenges. Jessica recognizes the importance of variance in a workout which is why she is a huge advocate for the CrossFit methodology. This sport has helped Jess find new ways to test her both physically and mentally. Crossfit has helped her stay motivated, focused and energized. Jessica hopes to help inspire individuals to stay active and continue to break down new barriers they didn’t think possible.



Dan Frappier – Owner/Coach


  • B.A of Science in Exercise Physiology
  • International Sport Sciences – CPT
  • International Society of Sports Nutrition – Specialist
  • CF Level One

dan 2

Dan developed a love for weight training at a very young age, through outdated stigmas with young kids lifting weights he used to sneak into the garage when his dad wasn’t home so he could squat and bench press. He continued to do so until on his 16th birthday his parents finally bought him a gym membership. At Plymouth State University he studied Exercise physiology with a focus in Strength and Conditioning. He learned through his studies how a properly designed strength program will make all athletes improve in their chosen sport. He really found his place in helping the general population become healthier and stronger. Dan became a certified personal trainer at the age of 19, just so he could have a job working in his school weight room. After college he was asked to work at a training studio in North Providence, where he has worked ever since. Six years ago Dan started to learn about CrossFit and an obsession started almost overnight, it just took another 5 years for him to realize it. After fighting through a mild depression Dan stopped with all his previous excuses about starting CrossFit and joined his first affiliate and the obsession was reignited! Dan soon found that CrossFit was what he was always searching for, one on one training is fantastic but helping 5,10, or even 20 other individuals at the same time just made more sense. Dan’s primary goal is to help others move and become as fit as possible so that they can enjoy their best life.




Lindsey Matchett – Coach


  • CF Level One

better linds

Lindsey is the newest addition to the Red Island CrossFit coaching staff.  She joined the box in September, 2013, after their grand opening sign sparked her curiosity and sent her home to research CrossFit.  Having played sports in high school, and in an adult softball league, Lindsey needed an outlet to entertain her competitive nature.  It was the competition that immediately attracted her to CrossFit, so Lindsey joined RICF as a 35th birthday gift to herself.

As a member, Lindsey noticed a personal, physical and mental transformation that happened more quickly than she could have imagined.  Her science background led her to look for “the science “ behind the movement, and the more she learned, the more natural it became for her to help her fellow athletes facing similar challenges in their training to those she had faced.  This became so natural in fact, that coaching was the next logical step.

When Lindsey is not coaching, you will find her at Women & Infants Hospital, where she is a full time Registered Nurse in the operating room, or at home with her husband Jon and their children Erica, Laura, and Thomas.





kristaKrista Hoffman – Coach


  • CF Level One

 Krista is a Rhode Island native who stumbled upon CrossFit online in 2009. At the time, her and her brother would do jumping pull ups off a power tower in their garage and use a 10lb pole as their make-shift barbell. After falling out of CrossFit for a few years, Krista revisited the sport in 2014 as a way to get fitter for rugby. Krista has always been a fan of the weights; anything heavy and slow is her go to workout, but she realized she needed to expand her fitness into other domains like gymnastics and cardio. CrossFit was the perfect way to hammer those weaknesses and still get to lift all the weights. 

 Krista has played sports since she could walk , trading in her tutu from ballet for a soccer ball with the boys by age 3. She moved from soccer to volleyball and eventually rugby by college at Wake Forest University. CrossFit became a way for her to maintain the mindset of an athlete with each day bringing a new challenge. Her main reason for becoming a coach is the desire to help people push themselves to achieve their own goals with every workout they do. Outside the gym, Krista is a Physician Assistant are a Dermatology office. When she’s not looking at moles or working out, she’s likely down by the water jamming to some reggae music. She takes pride in her “fire playlists” during her CrossFit classes and will always make sure the music is on point during each WOD!



Michael Atkin – Coach


  • CF Level One


Mike began CrossFit in 2015 as a “New Years Resolution” to find a way to fill his competitive void and make fitness exciting again. Mike immediately felt like crossfit was a way to challenge himself to be stronger both mentally and physically, and has continued to grow in the sport as a by-product of wanting to challenge himself. Mike has always been active in coaching, and decided to obtain his Level 1 in July, 2017. Mike likes to keep his workouts “constantly varied” with a  mix of heavy weights for short distances, and lighter weights for longer durations. Mike still struggles with selecting music for classes, as he’s learning that not everyone can workout to country music. Yee Haw!

Cayla Simmons – Coach


  • CF Level One
  • CF Kids

caylaCayla is a Rhode Island native who grew up spending every chance she had outside engaged in just about anything with the neighborhood kids. Most days that meant dirt bikes, swimming, boating and camping. In junior high and high school, Cayla’s love for being out doors didn’t slow down, she spent most weekends camping and hiking in the summer, and skiing, ice skating and learning to play ice hockey in the winter. When the opportunity to join one of the first all women high school varsity ice hockey teams came, of course she was all in. Cayla played ice hockey throughout high school, participating in not only the interscholastic league, but a few summer leagues when the opportunity arose. After high school and through college, she left the world of team sports, focusing on school and getting some running in when she could. Needless to say, she was in desperate need of a fitness program when she decided to try CrossFit.  Her first experience with CrossFit was not an unoriginal one. She was intimidated by the volume and intensity of the first box she visited and ultimately decided that was not going to work for her there. She stumbled on RICF shortly after they opened, and was blown away by the  friendly, welcoming environment—seemingly out of nothing more than a large empty room. She tried it out, promising herself that she would give it a fair shot. It didn’t take more than one workout at RICF to realize that she had  found her “home”. A couple of years, many early mornings (and a few late nights), a few competitions later, she decided she wanted to expand her knowledge of CrossFit and use her newfound passion to help others learn and grow in this sport.