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LIttle Reds


KIdsDear Parent/s:

We hope your child can be a part of our Little Reds Program! The commitment to our children’s future is a beautiful, arduous, amazingly nuanced path; the coaches are excited to be part of that path as CrossFit has changed all of our lives immeasurably for the better. With your child, we are not only able to potentially enhance their lives, but we also have the opportunity to shape their lives and their realities within them. It is with this endeavor we have dedicated our lives; your child’s safety and opportunity to potentiate their personal lives are our primary focus.

 Cayla is the leader of the kid’s program and also a mom at Red Island CrossFit. She is excited to bring today’s youth into the CrossFit community and begin what we hope will be a lifelong love of fitness. Please read her biography on the website to get to know her better!

At RICF we believe fitness should always be fun, safe, exciting and challenging. This is the order that we will approach in programming your child’s time here. Our hope is to create a fun environment for your child to safely learn skills and movement and for them to practice these abilities in exciting and challenging ways!

We will be running two major groups of classes: Little Reds (ages 3-10), and Junior Reds (ages 11-16). Please note that it is not the age of your child that is the deciding factor for what class he or she attends. It is largely based upon individual skill, athleticism, maturity and is ultimately decided upon by the coach to ensure your child is getting the most out of the CrossFit experience.

These classes will run about 45- 50 minutes. At this time we are only offering punch cards with a Wednesday night 6:30pm session and a 9;30am Saturday morning option.  Our 10 class punch card is $120. Family discounts also available.  Please send all inquiries to




Meet Coach Cayla and her 5 month old Eloise!

This was taken after the infamous hero WOD: MURPH!